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For important Pilot Information regarding the temporary closure of Runway 12/30 for rehabilitation effective Monday, May 14, please click here.

For important Pilot Information regarding the temporary closure of Runway 7R-25L for reconstruction effective Monday, January 8, please click here.

Long Beach has it all, and its central location provides for easy access to both Los Angeles and Orange County business and entertainment centers. With five long runways, award-winning FBOs, friendly people and virtually no delays, Long Beach Airport is your #1 choice in the Los Angeles Basin.


Coordinates: N33o49.06’ W118o09.10’
Elevation: 60 feet 
Approaches: ILS, VOR, NDB, GPS
Runway Length: 10,000 feet


From North of LAX Class B Airspace, consider using the Los Angeles Special Air Traffic Rules Area, or the Shoreline or Hollywood Park routes described on the Los Angeles VFR Terminal Area Chart.

From the East: Remain clear of Santa Ana Class C Airspace or contact SoCal Approach on the appropriate frequency for your area.

For transition through Los Alamitos AAF Class D Airspace, contact Los Al Tower 123.85.

Popular reporting points from the South are "the breakwater" and the Queen Mary.

Runway 30 arrivals: Contact SoCal Approach for sequencing.


Helicopter Letter of Agreement 
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March 10, 2017: As discussed at the rates and charges meeting held on March 7, 2017, the Long Beach Airport is proposing a 10% reduction to the following fees and charges, contingent on City Council approval.

Landing Fees, 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM Current: $ 4.77 per 1000 lbs. GCLW New: $ 4.29 per 1000 lbs. GCLW

Landing Fees, 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM Current: $10.06 per 1000 lbs. GCLW New: $ 9.05 per 1000 lbs. GCLW

Terminal Building Gate Use Fee Current: $ 1.42 per 1000 lbs. GCLW New: $ 1.28 per 1000 lbs. GCLW

Terminal Building Apron Parking Fee Current: $ 1.18 per 1000 lbs. GCLW New: $ 1.06 per 1000 lbs. GCLW

Common Use Charges Current: $ 3.35 per enplaned passenger New: $ 3.02 per enplaned passenger

If approved by City Council, the fees shall be in effect beginning May 1, 2017. Please assist us by forwarding this information to your Accounting team.

Please feel free to contact Dale Worsham at (562) 570-2606 or at dale.worsham@longbeach.gov if you have any questions regarding the above.